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6 Keys to Be Seen, Connect, and Stand Strong

Are you tired of over-giving, overdoing, and putting yourself last? You CAN start living in fearless truth and self-love. Join an online training with psychotherapist and Boundary Boss author Terri Cole.

Do you say yes even when your gut is saying no? Do you often drop your own plans to help others? As a psychotherapist, Terri Cole has helped thousands who’ve come to her with anxiety, exhaustion, relationship problems, and more. What might surprise you is the root cause that turns up again and again: unhealthy boundaries.

So many of us—especially women in our culture—over-give, say yes to any request, or hide our true feelings to avoid conflict. So, what works? Cole calls it being a Boundary Boss—someone who engages with the world in a flexible and healthy way. Cole offers six deep-dive sessions of practical learning, activities, and real-world “conversation training” to help you become a Boundary Boss.

Terri Cole

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Real Love Revolution® and Boundary Bootcamp®. For the past two decades, Terri has worked with a diverse group of clients that includes everyone from mothers to Fortune 500 CEOs. In her therapy practice and online courses, she has guided thousands of women from around the globe through the liberating process of becoming their own Boundary Boss. For more, see
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