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Christian Thuile


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Apitherapy – Rediscovering an art of healing

There are good reasons for the fact that bee honey has long been used in naturopathy: In addition to vitamins and trace elements, bee honey also contains antioxidants and many other valuable ingredients. But also beeswax, even the bees’ poison and the air from the beehive help to heal, as apitherapy shows:

  • Apitherapy as a supplement to conventional medicine: positive effects on the immune system, liver and detoxification, hormonal balance, blood, skin and hair
  • Honey as a natural antibiotic and as a wound healing agent What the grandmother knew
  • Home remedies for cough, sore throat and other diseases
  • No world without bees: Interesting facts about bee biology, pollination and bee mortalityThe bees are important for nature, the environment – in short for all life on earth! The complementary and nutritional physician Dr. explains why humans benefit several times from the busy animals. Scientific research and medical studies also prove the health-promoting effects of bee products. That is why a Roman saying goes: Ubi apis, ibis salus – where there are bees, there is health. Get to know the healing power of the bee!

Christian Thuile

Born 1967 in Bolzano, South Tyrol Medical studies at the universities of Innsbruck, Vienna (A), Maastricht (NL), Bologna (I) Additional training in nutritional medicine, orthomolecular medicine, acupuncture, sports medicine, phytotherapy, emergency medicine, accompanying cancer treatment, etc. From April 2020: Medical practice for naturopathy, preventive medicine, nutritional medicine in Bolzano. 2017 to February 2020: Medicalcenter Quellenhof, St. Martin in Passeier near Merano2017 to 2020: Medicalcenter Quellenhof, St. Martin near Merano from 2009 to 2017: medical director of the complementary medicine service at Merano Hospital, specialising in oncology from 2003 to 2009: medical practice in Lana with focus on nutritional and holistic medicine until 2002: scientific director of the Centre for Energy Medicine in Vienna since 2007: radio doctor at "Südtirol 1" and "Radio Tirol" with weekly health column since 1995: international lecturing activity, author of many study and reference books from 1995 to 2002: President of the International Medical Society for Energy Medicine since 2013: medical director of the training circle for Yamamoto cranial acupuncture Italy 2014: awarded the Wolfgang Kubelka Prize of the Austrian Society for Herbal Medicine at the University of Vienna Lecturer for the diploma training of the Austrian Medical Association in the field of phytotherapy Lecturer for the diploma training of the Austrian Medical Association in acupuncture
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