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Nature’s Secret for Weight Loss

While there may not be any perfect formula for people to lose weight, nature may have created one that comes very close to being perfect. Avenca is a plant that grows in forests throughout the world, and for centuries it has been safely used as an herbal remedy for numerous ailments. Recently, however, new research has shown that along with its healing benefits, it can also prevent fats, sugars, and starches from being absorbed during digestion—the very elements responsible for weight gain. Based on Dr.

Leslie Taylor’s research and testing, Avenca: Nature’s Secret for Weight Loss provides a complete guide to understanding how avenca works and how it can be used to lose those unwanted pounds. And considering that over seventy million Americans are classified as obese, the timing could not have been better.

Dr. Taylor begins by explaining what avenca is and how, as a traditional herbal remedy, it has been used to treat dozens of health disorders—from respiratory issues to toothaches. She then goes on to look at the latest research on avenca’s use as a weight loss supplement. Dr. Taylor first examines the factors behind its ability to block fats, sugars, and starches, but then she goes further. Using the most recent and groundbreaking studies on the gut’s microbiome—the collection of good and bad bacteria in the gut—she explains why some of us are “naturally” fat and others “naturally” skinny. This is followed by a consumer’s guide to buying and using avenca. Just as important, Dr. Taylor includes a chapter on the avenca weight loss plan. And while the focus of the book is certainly on shedding extra weight, the author also provides a chapter that looks at all the other health conditions avenca has been used to treat.

With avenca, it’s no longer about counting calories, since you can eat what you normally eat. It’s about your body no longer absorbing fats, sugars, and starches. And interestingly enough, you are likely to feel fuller quicker. Yes, avenca will be a game changer, but as a consumer you will find that the information in this book will help you ask the right questions; become a savvy shopper; and, most important, allow you to reach your ideal weight.

Leslie Taylor

Leslie Taylor, ND, is an herbalist and naturopath. She has researched, studied, and documented herbal medicine for over twenty years. She was the founder of Raintree Nutrition Inc., a company dedicated to making rainforest botanicals available while preserving the rainforests from destruction. Dr. Taylor lectured and taught classes worldwide in naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, ethnobotany, and environmental and sustainability issues. Based in Texas, she is the bestselling author of The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs.
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