Animals’ Words Open the Gate of Wonder



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Leiah Bowden


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255 pages

Spiritually aligned animal communication

Animals’ Words Open the Gate of Wonder
: spiritually aligned animal communication encourages spiritual seekers to consider communicating with their animals as part of their journey into the divine.

Lifelong intuitive Leiah Bowden presents a stirring collection of animals’ stories in their own  words of their love for all life, their hopes and dreams, their willingness to serve other animals, their  encouragement for us to live authentically, and their awareness of what the planet needs from us.
Typical of animals’ accounts is the inspiring advice from Nakai, a Bernese Mountain Dog,  Tell her the great truth. That she is never alone and that whatever she may hear from me she can  hear from the divine in whatever form she chooses to seek us. Like the greatest teachers, you have an ocean of knowing within.” Pelusa, an elephant who died before she could be rescued from lifetime of loneliness, urged, “Do not hesitate to begin at this moment to open yourself to your lives  completely. In doing so, you open to all Life and all Life opens to you with unconditional love,  healing the planet.

Relaying animalstestimonies, Leiah describes her own and the animals’ awareness of their  physical and emotional sensations, vivid sights and evocative sounds, her perceptions of theimultidimensional awareness, and her vision of dynamic colorful, energetic structures flowing  through and around the animals. She describes how, working shamanically with the spirit of a helping animal, she sometimes facilitates healing as part of the animal communication session.

A step-by-step primer guides both beginners and experienced intuitive practitioners into a  refined realm of the imagination in which they can communicate with an animal. Sharing her  specific method of establishing an intuitive connection, Leiah encourages readers to open to their  own animals as a loving path into the numinous. “We, no more exempt from nature’s laws than plants, are as heliotropic as they, but the light we seek is not the light of the physical sun, the center of our solar system. The center of our soul is what we seek, and we call it by many names.

Most of the time most of us have no idea of how, where, or when that light will shine on us, and we are grateful for every moment of relief we can find. For many of us, turning to our animals soothes us and that is enough.”


Leiah Bowden

A high frequency intuitive, Leiah Bowden is a communications counselor, animal communicator, spiritual mentor, artist and award-winning writer and voice actor. Her learning path has been enriched by teachings and guidance from archangels, ascended masters and off-planet guides since childhood. Leiah’s poetry and essays have published on NPR, in In the Light of Peace, Tending Your Inner Garden, Fall: Women’s Stories and Poems for the Season of Gratitude and Sunset Sunrise: A Collection of Endings & Beginnings, and in various periodicals, She lives in Rohnert Park, California and carries her lifelong love of the Adirondack Mountains and the Mohawk Valley in her heart. Her website is
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