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Nadine Gordon-Taylor

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Boxed set
Includes 52 full-color cards
128-page book


Advice, Compassion, and Wisdom from Our Animal Mentors

An intuitive oracle deck that resonates with the compassionate wisdom of animals and universal love

• Includes 52 full-color cards and a 128-page guidebook

• For each card, offers a detailed message, an explanation of its animal symbols, and three affirmations to help you embody the wisdom of the animals shown

• Explains how animals can help us ascend to a new heart-based frequency and teach us there is more than one way to love

We are all ascending to new heart-based frequencies, and our interactions with ani- mals can help guide us through this spiritual evolution. Animals not only can offer us compassionate wisdom, they also teach us there is more than one way to love.

Beautifully illustrated with images of animals from around the world, including bears, cats, dragonflies, lions, manatees, otters, puffins, turtles, and zebras, the 52 full- color cards of this animal-centered deck were designed to resonate with the wisdom of the animals and universal love. The animals that appear on each card are your mentors and will guide you with profound insights to help accelerate your journey and align you with the energies of the heart. As you work with the cards, you step through an opening uniting you with your higher consciousness and new loving energies that will inspire, empower, and heal. The deck includes 50 animal cards as well as 2 “wild cards” featuring mythological creatures: the mermaid and the unicorn.

In the accompanying guidebook, artist Nadine Gordon-Taylor explains how to intuitively use the deck. For each card, she offers a detailed message, an explanation of its animal symbols, and three affirmations to help you embody the wisdom of the animal mentors shown on the card and transform limiting thoughts and patterns. The messages of the cards are not predictive. They were channeled to gently guide you and help you discover that you have all the wisdom and knowledge you need within yourself. Let this deck give you a loving nudge in the direction of your dreams. Know animals are holding you in the heart of Divine Love.

Nadine Gordon-Taylor

Nadine Gordon-Taylor, MFA, EdD, is a classically trained artist who focuses on the animal kingdom and its symbolic connection to humans. She received her master of fine arts in painting from Long Island University and her doctorate in art education from Columbia University. She has taught for more than 30 years, including giving lectures and workshops across the country, and her drawings, prints, and paintings have been exhibited and are in collections around the world. The creator of The Heart Path Oracle Cards, she runs a gallery, Third Eye Arts, in the town of Peekskill, New York.
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