Anger Strategies




Claudia Black

Central Recovery Press

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8” x 10”,
Page Count 246 pages

Practical Tools for Professionals Treating Anger

A new edition of Dr. Claudia Black’s comprehensive workbook designed for clinicians working with clients whose anger is preventing them from living healthy and productive lives.

Newly revised and updated, this clinical workbook is a valuable aid to mental health professionals with clients addressing serious anger issues. These difficulties may range from how they view and feel about themselves, to parenting skills, relationships, job performance, legal issues, and overall health. While some individuals are more motivated to change than others, the strategies in this book will assist in both motivation and change.

Anger Strategies is composed of seven sections with 42 sessions containing didactic information and reproducible handouts that can be used in a group or individual setting. Many of the strategies present ideas and formats for structured interventions. Written exercises, checklists, sentence stems, structured dialogues, and art activities are an integral part of this therapeutic technique.

Claudia Black

Claudia Black Ph.D. is a renowned addiction author, speaker and trainer, internationally recognized for her pioneering and contemporary work with family systems and addictive disorders. Claudia designs and presents training workshops and seminars to professional audiences in the field of family service, mental health, addiction and correctional services as well as speaking in public forums about addiction and recovery. She speaks to thousands of people every year.
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