Ancestral Healing


New Age / Esoterics

Jeanne Ruland

Shantidevi Felgenhauer


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Gatefolded paperback
144 x 205 mm
152 pages
Colour illustrations throughout

Nothing shapes us more than our family of origin. But it is not only our parents and grandparents who inffuence who we are, which values we live by and which talents we develop. Our roots reach much further into the past, extending to many more levels than we imagine. This practice book on ancestor work combines the systemic view of our ancestors with the Hawaiian tradition of Huna. It reveals connections between di cult life themes and our ancestral line and at the same time opens our consciousness to the spiritual ancestral realms such as those of animal spirits, plant beings, minerals, angels or the Ascended Masters. Numerous exercises and meditations empower us to let healing happen both on a genetic and spiritual level and to use the ancestral power, our heritage of light, to unfold our full potential. In this way, old family wounds can finally heal; we can free ourselves from burdensome aspects of our inheritance and continue to hand down in love all the blessings that are part of our ancestral line.

– Difficult life topics often have their origins in the ancestral line
– Updated and extended edition of the classic about ancestor work
– Trauma and shadow work are effectively combined with working on realizing one‘s own potential

Jeanne Ruland

Jeanne Ruland is one of Schirner’s best-selling authors. The mother of three lives in Darmstadt and is an angel medium, Huna teacher, seminar leader and travel guide for international spiritual journeys, covering a wide range of themes. She teaches studies in nature, angels and light working as well as ascended master studies and sacred geometry.

Shantidevi Felgenhauer

Shantidevi Felgenhauer is an alternative practitioner focusing on trauma work according to Peter Levine, systemic constellations, reincarnation therapy and forgiveness work according to Colin Tipping. With her guided meditations, that are accompanied by music, she guides people into the center of their deepest inner being where they experience themselves as unconditional love.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger