An ecological lawn for my garden



Garden & Nature

Aymeric Lazarin

Terre Vivante

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21 x 21cm
120 pages

Alternative solutions for more biodiversity, less maintenance, less fertiliser….

Most of the problems encountered today by gardeners wanting a perfect lawn (significant water consumption, need for fertiliser, high- maintenance, etc.) are due to the wrong choice of lawn variety. Conversely, the solutions for reasonable, authentic and well-adapted gardens are based on a better selection of the plants that gardeners want to grow. This book shows how our lawn management practices could be reviewed and adapted to best meet ecological and economicstandards.


Aymeric Lazarin

Aymeric Lazarin has a passion for rare and unusual plants, and has spent much of his time working in market gardening, perfume plants and research. As a devoted partisan to agro diversity, he reveals the usefulness of plants.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger