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Dr. Carla Marie Manly


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How does a woman embrace her maturity with joy and strength when her body changes year to year? Psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly provides an important and meaningful window into womanhood for those approaching 50 and beyond. A must-read book for any woman approaching the age of 50, Aging Joyfully touches the sensitive reality of the transition from a life filled with new beginnings to a graceful process filled with freedom, beauty, and joy.  Includes chapters on: Loving Your Changing, Maturing Body; Your Health: What to Expect with Menopause, Memory Changes, and More; Shifting Relationships: Understanding and Adapting to Natural Changes in Relationship Dynamics; The Worlds of Work and Retirement: Facing Ageism and Retirement with Awareness; Aging Parents, Caregiving, and Loss: Gracefully Caring for Others and Letting Go; and Slowing Down as the Time Speeds Up: The Art of Transitioning into a New Life Role.

Dr. Carla Marie Manly

Dr. Carla Marie Manly has become recognized as an authority on fear and fear-based disorders such as trauma, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Manly maintains her clinical psychology practice in Sonoma County, California. With her doctorate in clinical psychology and her master's degree in counseling, Dr. Manly merges her psychotherapy skills with her writing expertise to offer sound, digestible guidance. Dr. Manly is committed to working with individuals and groups to improve personal growth, relationship connection, and increased life fulfillment. Through a highly personalized approach that focuses on utilizing transformational fear in the self-growth and healing process, Dr. Manly’s psychotherapeutic model offers incomparable benefits. Blending her strong clinical knowledge with a holistic, body-mind-spirit approach, Dr. Manly focuses on the multi-dimensional needs of the individual. Recognizing a need for greater somatic awareness in society, Dr. Manly has integrated yoga and meditation practices into her private psychotherapy work and public course offerings.
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