A Natural Midwife’s Diary



Hélène Goninet

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Helene Goninet became a midwife because she wanted to help women give birth in the most natural way, in the privacy of their own homes.  In this book, she shares her exciting adventures with mothers, babies and their families.

« The night is dark. Silent. I am driving into the night.

The phone rang an hour ago.

I picked it up at once. With no room for the least doubt.

And now I am driving.

To this woman who is about to give birth.

To this man who is with her.

To this baby who decided to come to life today, or very soon. »

This is the beginning of Helene’s diary–when, recently graduated from midwifery school, she sets out to bring support to a home birth. This diary goes on to cover more than 25 years of births in homes scattered in the French countryside. It also tells Hélène’s own story of pregnancies and motherhood, as well as her experience of midwifery school.

Hélène Goninet

Hélène Goninet studied biology and psychology. After the birth of her first child – an event that radically changed her worldview – she chose to become a midwife. She has practiced this profession for over twenty years, initially in hospitals and subsequently as a private practitioner, with an approach involving continuity of care. She is a graduate in human sexology and has expanded her activities to include consultations in this field.
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Agence Schweiger