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17 × 24 cm
144 pages
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A simple and economic preparation for vigorous crops

The protection, replenishment and preservation of the soil is one of fundamental pillars of agroecology. Terre & Humanisme, which has been championing and disseminating this agricultural science for more than two decades, has been experimenting for several years with a technique that significantly stimulates and replenishes soils: fermented forest litter. Originating in South America, this method makes use of endogenous microorganisms, which is to say local microbes that are perfectly adapted to their ecosystem. Easy to implement and affordable, the technique involves fermenting an extract of forest litter gathered in the field, which results in a proliferation in the population of the microorganisms that are specific to that environment. The resulting preparation can be conserved and used as needed to replenish soils.

The various stages of making it are described in precise detail with accompanying drawings and photographs taken during workshops and training sessions run by Terre & Humanisme. Its various uses (in gardens, orchards, pastures, in wet environments, etc.) are also explored, complete with feedback from curious and committed gardeners who have been experimenting with litter fermentation for several years and are treasure houses of information.

Terre & Humanisme

Founded by Pierre Rabhi, the Terre & Humanisme association has been championing agroecology for over two decades.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger