A day in Anna’s brain



Sylvie Chokron

Éditions Eyrolles

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240 pages
14 x 20,5 cm

Tame your brain with positive neuropsychology.

Anna is a young hyperactive urban professional. From waking up to bedtime, at every step of the day, we share her daily life and we discover little by little that her brain is in control. How does it work? According to what mechanisms? Can they be thwarted?

A light tone, fluid narration and rhythmic writing make this book an excellent intro- duction to how the brain works through the latest discoveries in neuroscience – each chapter is devoted to a specific concept. We will be transformed after reading it and we will no longer see our everyday life in the same way!

Sylvie Chokron

Sylvie Chokron is a neuropsychologist, director of research at the CNRS and the University of Paris-Descartes. She developed a clinical activity dedicated to the dia- gnosis and management of visual, spatial and attentional disorders in both children and adults. She is also involved in schools. She is already the author of works of scientific disclosure.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger