7 lessons on living from the dying




Dr Karen Wyatt

Watkins Nourish

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How to Nurture What Really Matters

Dr Karen Wyatt has spent most of her career as a hospice medical doctor, homeless shelter physician and caregiver. This unique experience has given her profound insight into death and dying. In this book she shares her story and the stories of her patients, providing us with 7 key lessons that the dying can teach us.
With each lesson Karen provides a clear analysis of the importance of that lesson and then goes on to share daily practices on how we can live the teachings as a spiritual practice.

Dr Karen Wyatt

Dr Laren Wyatt has lectured and written extensively on end-of- life issues with an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of illness and dying. Dr Wyatt recently retired from medical practice to focus her efforts on Creative Healing, a project to explore the integration of spirituality and Western medicine.
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