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wbg promotes science, education, and culture. As a publisher, organizer of cultural events and patron, we are one of the most important institutions representing the humanities in Germany.

We always reinvest our profits which are channeled into new projects, including ‘WISSEN!’, wbg’s book prize for the humanities, and book projects which would otherwise not see the light of day. Our books, podcasts and events cover topics related to history, archaeology, arts, literature, philosophy, theology, and much more. The online platform wbg-community.de is open to anybody who wants to network and exchange ideas. 85.000 members already actively support wbg with an annual contribution. All of them are enthusiastic readers – intelligent people who enjoy thinking and want to give the humanities a strong voice.

The dedication of authors, members, readers and partners enables wbg to raise the profile of the humanities on the public stage. We invite fellow thinkers to join the network and provide active support to science and culture.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger