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The very name of the publishing house expresses the publishing profile. The Latin name “Via Nova” means the “New Way”.

All the publications and magazines published by the publishing house want to help readers to leave old well-trodden paths of consciousness in personal life, in relationships, in society and economy and to follow new paths that are more appropriate and serve the demands of our time and a changing consciousness than the old ones.

Inspired by the realisation that a new, integral consciousness of human beings is, as it were, just around the corner and has already partly manifested itself, thus expressing a new stage in the evolution of mankind, the publisher Werner Vogel founded the publishing house Via Nova in 1988. It was a great concern of the spiritual, educationalist, seminar leader and yoga teacher to accompany people on their way inwards to self-knowledge and thus to a new integral consciousness through appropriate books.

But new things can only grow and prosper on good grounds. Therefore the old, proven spiritual traditions are the basis of many publications. Yoga, meditation, Zen and mysticism are supporting pillars of the publishing programme. But also modern sciences that serve the change of consciousness, such as Transpersonal Psychology, books on a new ethics in business and new findings of the natural sciences in relation to spirituality are topics of the publications of the publishing house Via Nova. In addition, over the years, more and more books have been published that provide spiritual help for life.

Extraordinary personalities and spiritual teachers and masters are among the authors. From the world-renowned psychologist, therapist, life teacher and healer of relationships, Chuck Spezzano, who developed the groundbreaking method of “Psychology of Vision” with his wife Lency and teaches it in touching workshops and seminars all over the world, the Via Nova publishing house has published a large number of bestsellers. The well-known Zen master Father Willigis Jäger is also among the bestselling authors. In recent years, publications on “Spiritual Healing Ways” have also been added.

The two journals published by the publishing house, which appear twice a year – “Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy”, which deals with the science of consciousness, and the journal “Contemplation and Mysticism” – complete the publishing programme.

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Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger