Witch washday


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Cheryl Ann Nobens

Beaver's Pond Press

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Trim Size 8.5×11
Page Count 32

Witch Washday is a quirky little tale! Every Wednesday is witch washday. Mitchie Witch and her kitten familiar, Kitschy, wake up and pitch in with gusto. Having magical powers is a distinct advantage in getting the job done! Mitchie and Kitschy have some extraordinary laundry methods, too: disembodied zombie hands for “hand-laundering” delicates, a fire-breathing dragon to heat up Mitchie’s iron, flying carpet-style towels and more! Whimsical, bright illustrations by the Mom’s Choice Honoring Excellence Gold Seal Award winning author are lively and fun. Witch world and all the characters in it are charming and a little oddball. And please note that there is diversity among them! Just as mortals are all basically shades and tints of tan, the witches and witchlets in the book have different colors of green skin and a variety of hairdos. There is humor enchanting the illustration on every page.

Cheryl Ann Nobens

CA (Cheryl Ann) Nobens is a 2018 Mom’s Choice Honoring Excellence Gold Seal Award winning children’s book author and illustrator. She lives in St. Louis Park, Minnesota with her family, including two crafty cats.
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