Wing Chun Plum Flower Posts


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Wayne Belonoha

North Atlantic

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Trade paperback
144 pages
200-300 color photos

Advancing the Legwork of the Wooden Dummy

Apply and defend against all manner of kicks, sweeps, leg locks, leg checks and kick checks by learning to master the lost study of plum flower posts.

It’s time to rediscover the forgotten secrets to harnessing and wielding the power of the plum flower posts in combat. The missing link for training the Wing Chun stance, this book helps intermediate students and practitioners reach the highest levels of proficiency, teaching leg skills, sticking skills, good positioning, and checking and immobilization skills.

The plum flower posts consist of 11 posts–10 wooden gerk jong, or legwork posts, and one mok yan jong, or wooden man post. Together, they complete a set called the moy fa jong. The wooden dummy trains practitioners to protect the upper centerline by applying hard techniques with proper distance, position, and leg control, while the gerk jong are designed and placed to train all elements of legwork and manage the lower centerline.

A valuable training tool for any and all styles and families of Wing Chun, mastering the posts ensures that you never lose a fight due to lost balance or bad positioning; fall from leg sweeps, leg locks, or leg checks; or miss the knockout because of poor distance or knockout power. Comprehensively written and supplemented with 180 full-color illustrations and photos, Wing Chun Plum Flower Posts is an essential resource for Wing Chun students, practitioners, and teachers looking to expand their knowledge base and skill set.

FIRST BOOK ON SUBJECT: Wing Chun Plum Flower Posts is the first book to delve deeply into plum flower posts.

EXPERIENCED, EXPERT AUTHOR: Belonoha is the author of three previous Wing Chun books, and is a trusted source on the martial art’s deep, specialized knowledge. He is the vice president of the International Moy Yat Ving Tsun Federation, a 7th degree Wing Chun master, 3rd-generation disciple of Patriarch Ip Man, and a staff writer for the Wing Chun Illustrated magazine.

COMPREHENSIVE AND ILLUSTRATED: With 180 photographs and illustrations, this book clearly explains the principles and tactics of moy fa jong and shows readers techniques and positions stance by stance.

Wayne Belonoha

WAYNE BELONOHA is a Certified Ving Tsun Instructor with a Master Degree, Level 7. He is founder of the Canadian Ving Tsun Academy, recipient of the Martial Artist's Achievement Award, National Tournament organizer, certified judge, and a Pan American Triple Gold Medalist. A third generation direct descendant of Ip Man, Belonoha passes along wing chun kung fu as handed down from Moy Yat to Dunn Wah (Sunny Tang). Sifu Belonoha performed for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at the Ip Man Hall Grand Opening in Foshan, China. He currently teaches in Atlanta, Georgia, and has had numerous students win Grand Champion awards at national and local tournaments.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger