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Sadie Radinsky

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Hardcover Paper over boards
224 Pages


Live Vibrantly, Love Your Entire Self, and Make Friends with Food

When you feel like you’re not enough, how can you be true to yourself? In our media- driven society, young women are bombarded with messages that make them feel incomplete. You’re not enough. You’re too much. Be quiet. Don’t eat too much. Stop being so emotional.

Sadie Radinsky aims to change that. “Young women are powerful,” she writes. “In this book, we are going to embrace our whole selves—every part of us—just as we are. All the messy details. All the power and potential.”

Radinsky’s website, wholegirl.com, is a go-to spot for advice about self-love, vibrant living, and delicious paleo recipes. With this book, Radinsky goes deeper than ever before. She shares new insights and practical tools to help young women from all walks of life find positive ways to grow, express themselves, eat well, and truly love themselves. “In Whole Girl,” she explains, “we’re going to rediscover our turbocharged emotions and use them as rocket fuel to power all different parts of our lives.”

“We can reject society’s arbitrary rules by treating ourselves with respect, enjoying food, and relishing this incredible time in life. Let’s get started.”

Sadie Radinsky

Sadie Radinsky is an 18-year-old blogger and recipe creator. For over six years, she has touched the lives of girls and women worldwide with her award-winning website, wholegirl.com, where she shares paleo treat recipes and advice for living an empowered life. She has published articles and recipes in national magazines and other platforms, including Paleo, Shape, Justine, mindbodygreen, and The Primal Kitchen Cookbook. She lives in the mountains of Los Angeles. For more, visit wholegirl.com.
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