When I Was Someone Else




New Age / Esoterics

Stéphane Allix

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456 pages
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14 x 22 cm

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Setting off to discover himself can lead a man to travel strange paths.

When Stéphane Allix set off for a retreat in the forest to unwind and take a look at his life, he never imagined that he was about to face the unthinkable.

During meditation, he had a vision: a Second World War soldier was hit in the throat and was dying. The man’s name and other information were also revealed to him. The experience was extremely puzzling. Why did he feel so intimately connected with this person?

Obsessed with this compelling vision, Stéphane launched into a meticulous investigation and was amazed to discover that the soldier had really existed. Thus, began an astounding adventure.

Would he find answers to the existential questions that had always caused inner conflict?

Stéphane Allix

Stéphane Allix is an investigative journalist and author of the best-seller The Test. He founded the Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences (“Inrees”) and the Magazine Inexploré. He also created and currently hosts Enquêtes Extraordinaires, a series on French television channel M6.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger