We Are All Under One Wide Sky


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Andrea Stegmaier

Deborah Wiles

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32 pages

We all live on the same planet and are part of one human family.

In We Are All Under One Wide Sky, Deborah Wiles beautifully weaves together images from the natural world in a lovely, lyrical poem. Andrea Stegmaier’s fresh and captivating illustrations feature children from around the globe and celebrate different architecture, landscapes, and activities.

By the end of the book, children will have internalized the message that although we are from different places, we are the same in so many ways. What we have in common is what is most important—family, laughter, love, nature, and friendship. We all share the same wide sky.

We Are All Under One Wide Sky is a peace anthem with a timely and important message for children: to both celebrate diversity and embrace how much we all have in common.

Andrea Stegmaier

Andrea Stegmaier is an illustrator and architect with a passion for children’s books. She uses both digital and traditional techniques in creating her art. Andrea lives in Stuttgart, Germany. Learn more at andreastegmaier.com.

Deborah Wiles

Deborah Wiles is the author of several highly acclaimed books for children and young adults, including Freedom Summer and two National Book Award finalists—Each Little Bird That Sings and Revolution. Deborah lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at deborahwiles.com.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger