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Avery Hill Publishing

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80 pages

On a summer’s day, Ellen returns to the coastal town she grew up in, the picturesque, yet architecturally strange, Victory Point. Revisiting old haunts and people from her past, she feels increasingly disconnected from her previous life, and exhausted by the constant struggle of trying to forge the path ahead.

VICTORY POINT quietly explores the idea of how we choose to live and be remembered. Asking whether we should strive for a higher calling, or if a simple, domestic legacy is the most honest and admirable achievement we can hope for. And if the land from which we disembark feels as alien as the one we hope to reach, how does anyone make their peace with a life amongst ever-changing ocean waves?

• Crossover appeal with design/architecture communities.

• Creator is a successful architectural illustrator with a strong social media presence (17.5k twitter)

Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger