Under the Bodhi Tree


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Deborah Hopkinson

Kailey Whitman

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32 pages
103⁄4 x 9


A Story of the Buddha

The life and times of the prince who would become the Buddha

Who was the Buddha? Was he a prince, a god, a sage, a saint or a person just like you and me?

Countless stories have been written about the Buddha, but few have been tailored for children .Now,Under the BodhiTree brings this ageless tale to life for young audiences .Tracing the life of the boy who was born Prince Siddhartha, Deborah Hopkinson weaves a lyrical biography of a child just like those reading the book one who wonders at his place in the world, feels compassion for suffering,and wants to help in any way he can .As readers follow Siddhartha all the way to his fateful meditation beneath the branches of the Bodhi Tree, they’ll discover the story of how a child who dreams can one day grow up to reshape the whole world .

Featuring beautiful artwork by Kailey Whitman, Under the Bodhi Tree is perfect for readers ages 4–8 who are curious about real people who made history .

Deborah Hopkinson

DEBORAH HOPKINSON has a master’s degree in Asian Studies from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, and practiced Zen Buddhism with the late Roshi Robert Aitken . She lives near Portland, Oregon .

Kailey Whitman

KAILEY WHITMAN is a Philadelphia-based illustrator who was named one of Adobe Creative Cloud’s “Artists to Watch .” Her clients include the NewYorkTimes,theVillageVoice,Grid magazine, Quarto, and many others .
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger