Twin Flames


New Age / Esoterics


Geraldine Garance

Guy Trédaniel

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238 pages
150 x 200 mm

A practical guide to (finally) live a harmonious relationship

Twin flames are eternal lovers completing each other perfectly and looking for one another, sometimes over several lifetimes. Their love is immeasurable, indestructible. Their karmic quest pushes them irremediably towards one another so that they can correct together the mistakes of their past lives, and evolve into a sacred union. This is why living in a twin flame relationship can be an extremely intense, rich and dense experience, but also a difficult one – a journey that brings about a variety of situations and questions. In this practical guidebook, Géraldine Garance describes the different steps of a twin flame relationship, their sacred sexuality, the differences between soul mates and twin flames, the original separation, the Runners and Chasers’ psychological profiles, the general common characteristics shard by all twin flames… She also shares practical advice and exercises to deal with separation, absence, the dark night of the soul, completeness, traumas … to help you experience the best of this complex and unique relationship.

Key Selling Points:

  • A fun, practical guidebook, written in a clear, accessible language, to understand what twin flames are.
  • Numerous quizzes, exercises, explanations and advice to support and guide twin flames to live a fulfilling relationship.
  • Written by a French expert on the subject of twin flames.

Geraldine Garance

Géraldine Garance is a renowned karmic medium. In this book she shares her twin flame journey and the lessons learned from her guides of light. She has written books and guided meditation CDs, created a Twin Flame Tarot, is a public speaker and spiritual teacher, organises seminars and initiation journeys, and she has a strong online, social media presence. Website: Facebook: Géraldine Garance Médium Auteure Youtube: Géraldine Garance @Géraldine Garance Instagram: Géraldine Garance Auteure @geraldinegaranceauteure
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