Alternatives to Lawn


Garden & Nature

Olivier Filippi

Actes Sud

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22 × 28 cm
256 pages
400 color illustrations

When many gardeners dream of their ideal garden, they think of lawns. Turf is easy to install and in a matter of weeks becomes a lush oasis of greenery. In dry climates or in regions affected by climate change, maintaining a beautiful green carpet of grass is a constant struggle with often disappointing results.
So how might grass lawns be replaced in gardens which have difficulty surviving, here Olivier Filippi offers ten low-maintenance, water-saving solutions depending on the gar- den’s surface, soil and intended use: tropical grasses, plant or flower carpets, hybrid lawns, steppe flowers, gravel gardens, flowerbed ground-coverings, wild gardens and prairie flowers. He offers the advice necessary for planting and maintenance and describes some two hundred potential lawn plants in great detail. The book is illustrated by over four hundred photographs of ground coverings in situ in gardens or in their natural environment. The first edition of this book was published in 2011. This new format and layout inaugurates a new collection devoted to the gardens of the future and how they will need to be adapted to meet the challenge of global warming. We have become so familiar with lawns that they have become commonplace in gardens and public spaces around the world. The act of replacing a lawn is in its own way a refusal of the uniformity of landscapes. The new stimulating solutions he offers are both exciting and innovative. Thanks to these alternatives to grass lawns, gardens once again become eco-friendly living spaces with their own unique character open to all possibilities.

Olivier Filippi

Olivier Filippi founded about twenty years ago in Mèze (Hérault) a nursery specialising in dry ground plants. Activity of nurseryman and botanist; reference person for "gardens without watering".
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger