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Your New Life Map Hidden In Your Ancient Genes

No matter what you’ve been through, there’s a force inside you that is you and cannot be taken away. This groundbreaking system shows you the missing connections between ancient history, genet- ics, and a forgotten but powerful psycho- logical theory. The YOU Code defies the conventional self-improvement message of changing who you are, and instead invites you to awaken to your true self. Discover what you once were and what’s still living inside you. James Sheridan’s previous book The Pandora Prescription about the dangers of Big Pharma was an international best-seller and is being re- released as an e-book.

James Sheridan

James Sheridan is an international bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. His first book, The Pandora Prescription, is a fact-based novel written to expose a medical cover-up. Sheridan has dedicated the last twenty years to finding the definitive answers for humanity’s biggest questions, and his new, groundbreaking book, The You Code, represents the conclusion of his quest. You can connect with James at
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Agence Schweiger