The World We Choose


Children's Books

Kevin Kunkel

Beaver's Pond Press

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Reader Views: Reviewer's Choice Award, 2021, First Place
Trim Size: 9in x 9in
Page Count: 24

This book teaches children that the world is mostly improving, and that the way to make sure it continues is to pay attention to the good all around us. Cable news often reports on the bad things that happen every day, but we can choose a positive story and make it a reality. In this book, the rhyming story and light-filled illustrations focus on positive things like renewable energy, improved literacy, and better technology to stay close to the ones we love. The World We Choose focuses on the good things about our planet and encourages—and empowers!—kids to make our future even brighter. This uplifting children’s book reminds us all that we can choose a better world.

Kevin Kunkel

Kevin Kunkel believes people are good. He hopes his books help unlock that goodness. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and two boys, which means he can never see a movie featuring snow without commenting that “Hollywood doesn’t understand real cold.” Kevin is a former stand-up comedian and writes humor for adults on his parenting blog—"the hardest dad blog on the planet.”
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger