The Matrix of Yoga



Sports and Martial Arts

Brenda Feuerstein

Georg Feuerstein

Hohm Press

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5 ½ x 8 ½
144 pages

Teachings, Principles and Questions

This book offers novice Yoga practitioners a solid foundation on which to begin or build their personal practice. Written by two highly-respected Yoga teachers and scholars in the West—Georg Feuerstein and his wife Brenda Feuerstein— the book will also augment Yoga teacher trainings, and provide current Yoga teachers with an invaluable text to use with or recommend to their new students.

Yoga stands for spiritual discipline, as it was developed in India over thousands of years. This is the focus and purpose of The Matrix of Yoga: to provide a simple introduction to the authentic teachings of Yoga. While Yoga traditionally included physical postures, this was just one aspect of practice. Mental discipline was counted as far more important. Above all, Yoga was wrapped into an overall spiritual framework. Every single discipline had the purpose of helping the practitioner to grow toward inner (or spiritual) freedom.

This reader-friendly handbook is divided into two sections. In Part 1 the authors establish the substructure of Yoga, with short essays that cover basic principles: the meaning of Yoga, the practice, the types, the deeper commitment and levels. They go on to explain practical applications of Yogic philosophy to all aspects of life, including: diet, working with the mind, livelihood, and the transcendence of ego.

In Part 2, a unique question and answer format, they address 30 of the most widely-asked questions by newcomers to this path. Their straightforward and highly-authoritative responses will give any practitioner a more direct understanding of the issues involved in adopting Yoga as a practice, a lifestyle, a spiritual philosophy.

Without denying that modern practitioners of the physical postures of Yoga are significantly helped by them, the Feuersteins emphasize the “so much more!” The core power of Yoga—which is in its spiritual and ethical wisdom—remains untapped in so many contemporary approaches. This book seeks to address that lack.

Build a solid practice within the matrix of traditional Yoga principles.

A book for yoga novices, teachers, teacher-training classes, studio bookstores and libraries, and for university and public libraries everywhere.

Brenda Feuerstein

Brenda Feuerstein, Georg’s wife, started practicing Hatha-Yoga postures as a young child, which primed her for her later career as a Yoga teacher. Over a period of twenty-three years, she operated a health business offering training and educational programs in Canada. She conducted numerous workshops specializing in stress management, positive lifestyle, and motivation. Since 2003, she has been involved in getting TYS’s distance-learning program off the ground. She now serves as director of Traditional Yoga Studies, tutor for all TYS courses, assistant for the mentorship program, and also teaches Yoga classes, workshops, and retreats worldwide. She coauthored Green Yoga and Green Dharma, and The ABCs of Yoga (forthcoming) with Georg Feuerstein and contributed to his book entitled The Bhagavad-Gītā: A New Translation. She is the author of The Yoga-Sutra from a Woman’s Perspective and an audio entitled Yoga Nidra/Yoga Sleep (forthcoming).

Georg Feuerstein

Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D. became interested in Yoga in his early teens and has increasingly studied Yoga philosophy and history since then. He did his postgraduate studies in England and has authored over 50 books—not all on Yoga and including a couple of poetic titles. His major works are The Encyclopedia of Yoga and Tantra (Shambhala 2011), The Yoga Tradition (Hohm Press 2008), Yoga Morality (Hohm Press, 2007), The Deeper Dimension of Yoga (Shambhala) and The Bhagavad-Gītā: A New Translation (Shambhala 2011). Georg created several distance learning courses, which are made available through TYS, his wife’s Canadian educational company. He officially went into semiretirement in 2004. But in 2011, he agreed to make himself available in a TYS mentorship program to encourage those who are seriously interested in digging deeper into Yoga philosophy. In 2012, Georg nominated his wife, Brenda, as the tutor for all TYS courses and assistant for the mentorship program. Georg A. Feuerstein lived a profoundly productive life of humble service and made a peaceful, conscious exit from this world on Saturday, August 25, 2012 near his home in Southern Saskatchewan, due to complications from diabetes. His final transition occurred after a 9-day journey of loving resolution in which he was surrounded and supported by his wife Brenda and many spiritual friends. His legacy of scholarly contribution to the global Yoga community is vast and awe inspiring, to which we all owe a huge debt of gratitude. His work will be lovingly continued and directed by his Beloved partner, lover, friend and wife, Brenda Feuerstein. Georg and Brenda chose to reside in the prairies in a retreat-like setting along the Frenchman River where their practices and productivity flourished. “In 9 years I accomplished more work…in less time…than any other time of my life. My inspiration? This prairie landscape and Brenda.”, stated Georg. For those who ask what they can do to honor Georg, the request is a simple one: put into practice the teachings of Yoga that Georg spent his life exploring and interpreting for our benefit and understanding. In ancient times, the yogin looked to natural world and within themselves to cultivate understanding in their goal of self realization; today, we have the benefit of books that transmit the teachings, channeled through brilliant minds such as Georg’s. When you pick up such a book…say a prayer of gratitude for the life and time of Georg that lives on through his publishings. If you wish to express your gratitude with a financial contribution, a scholarship fund to support incarcerated practitioners is being created. Details will be forthcoming shortly and will be posted on Please refer to the website for up-to-date information about the fund and future celebrations that will commemorate the life and work of Georg Feuerstein.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger