The hidden beauty of the microscopic world


Garden & Nature

James Weiss

Watkins Nourish

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256 pages
HB 200x200mm
Colour photography


What the tiniest forms of life can tells us about existence and our place in the universe

The videographer behind the Journey to the Microcosmos YouTube channel (407K subscribers) James Weiss presents a beginner’s guide to the extremely small and utterly strange life that surrounds us.

Through accessible descriptions and over 100 beautiful photographs, James shares his wonder and affection for a variety of beautiful microorganisms, weaving together philosophical musings and aesthetic insights that together question our understanding of our own existence.

This is a gorgeously presented giftbook for science enthusiasts of all ages.


James Weiss

James Weiss, also known as Jam’s Germs, is the videographer for the popular Journey to the Microcosmos YouTube channel, which has over 400,000 subscribers. He also shares his passion for pond scum with over 128,000 followers on his Instagram, @Jam_and_Germs.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger