The greedy rabbit


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Huginn Thor Gretarsson


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A hungry rabbits longs for more and more.
The true story from many people ́s lifes. We spend our time running after what we don ́t have instead of enjoying what we already got. The greedy rabbit runs through life with empty stomach (representing an unsatisifying life). When it finally has much more then any little rabbit needs, it is already to late to enjoy. Brought to life with truly amazing artwork done by Brad Nault.

Huginn Thor Gretarsson

Coming from an unlikely background of finance, Huginn Thor Gretarsson went travelling the world in 2003. He travelled the world for several years, gaining insights into different cultures. His first published book (2006) was a story about his adventures in South-America. In 2008, five of his children books were published and since then he ́s been a leading children book author in Iceland. He ́s had several best sellers, written over 30 books of his own and translated more then 20 stories to Icelandic. Huginn possesses a sarcastic humour and often writes both for parents and their children. Some of his children books include a strong moral message, such as against greed (The Candy Gobbler and The greedy rabbit), as well as being educative (Wild imagination - in 4 languages, Colourgame and etc.) His work has been featured in all major medias in Iceland and his books are being reprinted every year.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger