The Cottage Fairy Companion



Paola Merrill


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Trade Paperback
180 Pages
4 color illustrations throughout


A Cottagecore Guide to Slow Living, Connecting to Nature, and Becoming Enchanted Again

A Cottagecore Inspired Guide For Mindful Living Anywhere The Cottage Fairy Companion is your accessible and beautiful guide to mindful living. It teaches the fundamentals of cottagecore style through the practices of The Cottage Fairy’s daily life. Romanticize your life anywhere. The Cottage Fairy Companion helps readers open their eyes to the everyday magic right in front of them. It gives a new perspective by revealing the lessons nature teaches about finding beauty through the good times and the bad. Everyone—from city-dwellers to country bobkins—can find delight in this book. It shows that you do not need a cottage in the rustic countryside to achieve a cottagecore aesthetic, or to apply aspects of slow living to your daily life. Use mindfulness for healing and fulfillment. Paola Merrill, author and creator behind the popular YouTube channel The Cottage Fairy, left a hectic life in the city for the rural mountains in search of a deeper connection to herself and the world. She learned that nature is the biggest teacher of all—if we open our eyes to its wisdom. Mindful living can be applied in most walks of life, and Merrill’s writing encourages you to find healing and fulfillment, wherever you are. Inside this enchanting book on mindful living, you’ll find: Insight to creating a cozy and inspiring space, living in alignment with natural cycles and seasons, and gardening and making tea Original illustrations and breathtaking photos of the author’s cottage, crafts, and the countryside Calming, meditative prose to promote tranquility and stillness in a hectic world If you liked Cozy White Cottage, Simply Living Well, or The Little Book of Cottagecore, you’ll love The Cottage Fairy Companion.

Paola Merrill

Paola Merrill is a Puerto Rican American living in rural NE Washington State. She is an English literature student, and has worked as a magazine editor and writer for several years. The philosophy behind her popular Youtube channel, The Cottage Fairy, was to bring people from all backgrounds together and develop a greater awareness of nature preservation and sustainable living. Her videos are artistic representations of daily life. They are intended to be meditative and have a calming effect on the viewers. As for past examples of her work, she is an English literature student who worked as a magazine editor and writer for several years.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger