The amazing wisdom of old age


New Age / Esoterics


André Marro

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The author proves that ageing can be experienced as something other than a wreck! And to give a real meaning to this period of life…

Professor Pierre Lemarquis, neurologist, says in his preface: “André Marro leads us here to a real exercise in transcendence and wisdom. Through his labyrinthine erudition, he leads us on the paths of metamorphosis and spirituality. In this fascinating essay, he guides us towards the acceptance of the mysteries of the return to nothingness. He gives us a talented glimpse of its many facets in order to move towards to an approach to the truth that comforts us.

To say that old age is a final stage of growth, sometimes painful, but open to transcendence, works much better. But this last stage of our lives cannot end with a brutal and definitive stop. Indeed, the flow of life is in perpetual motion. No break. It is therefore possible to grow old calmly and with foresight. The griots, shamans and other wise wo/men know this. The author proves that they know the way to achieve this.

André Marro

Psychosociologist, he has directed Ehpad. Doctor of the Museum of Natural History of Paris in paleoanthropology, He is also a lecturer at the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis. He has, among others published: L'art de manager en Ehpad (2018) and Mieux prendre en charge la fin de vie (LEH).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger