Sloth Wasn’t Sleepy


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Kate Messner

Sounds True

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Hardcover Picture Book
32 Pages


For any child having trouble getting to sleep, the most lovable animal in the rain forest is here to help.

One night at bedtime, Sloth wasn’t sleepy.
“What if I worry when I try to fall asleep?” Sloth said.
“Ah . . . worries,” Mama said. “We will have to let them go.”

Keep kids wide awake and frightened after dark. But Mama Sloth knows the secret for calming worried minds—and as she shares them with her daughter, young readers will learn valuable relaxation skills that last a lifetime.

Sloth Wasn’t Sleepy does more than provide a sweet bedtime story—kids will join Sloth to learn mindfulness practices such as “shrinking down” fears in their mind and calming their body through breath and simple visualizations. Kate Messner’s beautiful book helps parents and kids relax into dreamland with a sense of peace, safety, and belonging.

Kate Messner

Kate Messner is the beloved author of numerous award-winning books for young readers, including Over and Under the Pond, The Brilliant Deep, Breakout, and the Ranger in Time series. She lives in Plattsburgh, New York. For more, visit
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