Rituals for Women


New Age / Esoterics

Else Oreve

Guy Trédaniel

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211 pages
152 x 221 mm

Awaken your Shamanic Power

Shamanism is the way of the intimate reconnection to the soul, a joyful, free and creative spark that dances in each and every woman. By becoming aware of the shamanic allies who accompany us – our totem animals, our spiritual guides – we feel supported in the manifestation of the extraordinary woman in each of us.

This book will guide you step by step to awaken your shamanic power. On your journey around the medicine wheel, you will activate the great qualities of feminity: the inspired visionary, the creator of abundance, the peaceful warrior, the soul midwife, the priestess of life, the originator of the sacred, the great goddess. You are about to embark on a path of transformation, to reconnect with your ancestral female lineage, heal the wounds of women, take your existence to its sacred dimension, bring your dreams to life, and take control of your great feminine power in harmony with mother-Earth.

This book includes about thirty rituals to help you reveal your true self: happy and radiant, a source of inspiration and knowledge. The author – a shamanic teacher and women’s circle facilitator – whispers her secrets to your ear to awaken your power.

Loriane Le Grand’s paintings harmoniously complete the rituals. Her dreamlike world unites power and wonder to reveal feminity in all of its forms: mysterious, inspiring, confident and authentic.

Key Selling Points:

  • Inspiring original illustrations by Loriane Le Grand.
  • Rituals and meditations to awaken your shaman power.
  • Written by an expert author, who is also a shamanic teacher and a women’s circle facilitator.

Else Oreve

Else Oreve works as a writer, a shamanic teacher and a women’s circle facilitator. She shares in France the teachings she received from various shamans in Mexico, Canada and Kenya, and other shamans working with the fire element. She also learned from traditional healers in India and South America. Else has attended various seminars and a three-year programme at the FSS – Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Laurent Huguelit, Ulla Straessle, Roland Urban). During several stays in the Peruvian Amazon, she kept long introspective fasts under the guidance of an ayahuasquero shipibo.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger