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Laura Northrup

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200 pages
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How to Build a Values-Driven Healing Practice in a Profit-Driven World

The countercultural healer’s guide for building a sustainable and values-driven practice: work toward your purpose, grow your client base, and thrive with integrity in an unjust capitalist system. The time for healing—and the time to be a healer—is now.

Therapist Laura Mae Northrup navigates the complexities of being a healer today—and shows how you can stay true to your calling in a world built from systems that were designed to extract, oppress, and exploit.

Addressing fundamental tensions that arise for practicing healers working in a late-stage capitalist culture, Northrup shares how to:

•  Maintain your ethical framework even while prioritizing financial stability
•  Market and brand your practice authentically, without resorting to fear-based tactics
•  Recognize the unconscious biases and unexamined motivations you unintentionally bring to work
•  Honor your limits within a culture that valorizes overwork and perpetuates burnout
•  Prioritize your emotional needs and spiritual goals—and honor their place in your healing practice

Structured in accessible, to-the-point chapters with practical writing and reflection prompts, Northrup offers an authentic, spiritually grounded approach to healership, going much deeper than the promise of a million-dollar practice or a minimum-effort game plan.

Written for healers of all modalities—including radical therapists, functional practitioners, reiki workers, bodyworkers, and healers who have been sidelined, underfunded, underresearched, or delegitimized within a Western capitalist framework—this book offers a nuanced, political, and social-justice informed guide to building the practice you want—and thriving as the healer you were born to be.

Laura Northrup

LAURA MAE NORTHRUP, MFT is a practicing psychotherapist and educator. She obtained her master’s degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma. Northrup also trained with Janina Fisher, a well respected and internationally recognized trauma expert and completed a year long training in the spiritual aspects of trauma at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Northrup’s work focuses on defining sexual violence through a spiritual and politicized lens, mentoring healing practitioners in creating a meaningful path, and supporting the spiritual integrity of our collective humanity. She is the creator and host of the podcast Inside Eyes, a series that explores the use of entheogens and psychedelics to heal sexual trauma and supervises junior clinicians at both the Sage Institute, a psychedelic therapy clinic, and the Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center. Northrup has lectured and taught workshops on the subjects of treating survivors of sexual trauma, psychedelics and entheogens, and how to build a sustainable healing practice. This is her first book.
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Agence Schweiger