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Andrés Pi Andreu


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Hardcover Paper over boards
32 Pages
color illustrations throughout

An Illustrated Children’s Book About Language, Penguins, and Learning How to Fly (Kind Of)

Penguin is an illustrated children’s book about the eponymous protagonist who hates his name—until he finds a unique way to solve a problem.

Boost your kid’s self-esteem with this self-love children’s book! Legend has it that the penguin was the first animal to dot the i–and find an exciting use for it in daily life. Follow our peculiar friend and the endless extravagant measures to rid himself of the dot over his head. But what happens when one day, he finds himself stuck on the branch of the only tree in all of Antarctica? With lessons on identity, diversity, and self-esteem, this beautiful children’s book teaches little ones to love themselves and all their unique parts.

For fans of multicultural kid’s books and unique children’s gifts. A children’s book about names and overcoming insecurities, Penguin speaks to bilingual, immigrant, and assimilated young readers about loving their identity. Written by award-winning children’s author, Andres Pi Andreu, and illustrated by mixed media artist, Arol, this unique children’s story not only nurtures your kid’s self-confidence, but also makes a colorful addition to any bookshelf.

If you’re looking for children’s books about inclusion, kids self-esteem books, or identity children’s books —like Eyes That Kiss in the Corners, Sulwe, The Name Jar, or Alma and How She Got Her Name—then you’ll love Penguin.

Andrés Pi Andreu

Andrés Pi Andreu is an author, poet, editor, National Biliteracy Consultant, and publisher. Born in Havana, Cuba, he writes stories, educates people, and develops social projects to groom minds. His company, TIB Editorial, houses curriculum developers, assessment specialists, and passage and item developers that guide Spanish Language Arts instructional design, Spanish Language Curriculum Development, and ESL content development. He is a consultant and educational author with more than 200 educational books published in the USA educational system and a Spanish Program Author for Benchmark Education’s Avancemos Program. His book, Lo que sabe Alejandro received several book of the year awards in Latin American countries and Spain. His novel, 274, won the Gold Medal in the Florida Book Awards in literature in Spanish in 2015. He currently resides in Miami.
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Agence Schweiger