Neurohacking and nootropics




Stéphane Tetart

Guy Trédaniel

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336 pages
160 x 230 mm


For a brain at its best

Permanent hyper-connection, continuous information flow, behavioural injunctions (food, work, personal achievement, education of children, etc.): our neurons are working at full speed and have no time to rest.

To live permanently the best of ourselves, either intellectually or in terms of energy, and to protect our brain throughout our life, this book presents without taboos a revolutionary method from the United States.

Neurohacking is the set of techniques, plants and substances designed to optimise the functioning of our neurons. Like the hacker, who seeks to improve computer hardware or software, the neurohacker seeks to optimise his brain. It is not a question of improving it beyond the reasonable limits, as transhumanism wants to explore, but simply of enabling it to function at its highest level, for as long as possible. And the results are amazing!

Neurohacking allows our brain to reach its full potential and to maintain it for as long as possible, thanks to diet, physical activity, meditation, management of life rhythms and the use of certain food supplements, including nootropics.

Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that improve the functioning of the brain in difficult conditions such as fatigue, stress, pollution or simply age.

They can dramatically improve memory, concentration, motivation, mood, energy, resistance to stress, reflexes… In complete safety.

In this practical book, the reader will find:

– 50 detailed sheets on the best nootropics with their precise use;

– 25 mixtures of the most powerful nootropics, or stacks, to boost the brain, energy, morale or sleep;

– a complete address book for sourcing safe, quality products.

Stéphane Tetart

Ancien journaliste, devenu naturopathe, Stéphane Tetart aide depuis plus de 10 ans les personnes qu’il accompagne à retrouver leur plein potentiel physique et mental, grâce aux méthodes holistiques de la naturopathie. À la fois curieux et éclectique, son cheminement l’a fait explorer la médecine ayurvédique et chinoise, la phytothérapie, les méthodes traditionnelles de méditation et de yoga, mais aussi les méthodes plus surprenantes du biohacking. Il est l’auteur de plusieurs best-sellers sur la santé et le bien-être. Installé à Paris.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger