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The Korean Art of Living Meditation

Myung Sung introduces the Korean art of living meditation as the way to achieve a life of balance and happiness. Using eight simple keys, readers can enjoy all the calming, positive benefits of meditation in every minute of every day. The ancient art of living meditation shows us how to tune into our environment, connect to others and observe the natural flow of life. When we begin practising Myung Sung, we become more aware of connectedness to the limitless reserves of natural energy around us.

The struggles we all share – parenting, relationships, health, money – become less difficult, we uncover a greater sense of balance between mind, body and spirit. Myung Sung will transform your life.

Jenelle Kim

Dr Jenelle Kim is a master herbologist and the Founder of JBK Wellness Labs, merging ancient traditions with forward-thinking trends and medicines – and creator of the world’s first CBD luxury skincare line @drjenellekim.
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