My Magical Feelings


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Becky Cummings


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Trim Size: 9in x 9in
Page Count: 36

Did you know your feelings are the language of the soul? That’s why it’s important to encourage our children to express themselves. My Magical Feelings helps children compares feelings to colorful crayons that bring variety to the world and allow them to experience it. When children know that all feelings are okay, they learn to trust themselves and feel empowered to move through them. Rather than ignoring or pushing them away, children learn to name their feelings and feel them all without judgement. This lays the foundation for children to become conscious adults. Children may not have control over how they feel, but they do have control over how they react to their feelings. By teaching children to accept all feelings and honor them, they can make better choices in their daily lives. My Magical Feelings is the perfect book for every child’s personal library collection and belongs in every elementary classroom as part of the social and emotional curriculum.

Becky Cummings

Becky Cummings Becky Cummings is an author, teacher, and mom of three. She loves kids and speaking her truth. Becky is blessed to combine these passions by writing children’s books that spread messages of love, hope, faith, health, and happiness. When she isn’t writing you might find her salsa dancing, eating a veggie burrito at her favorite Mexican joint, or traveling to new places! Her dream is to world school her children by spending a year on a cruise ship sailing around the globe. Becky is available for author visits and wants to connect with you.
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Agence Schweiger