My Cat can see Ghosts


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Emily Joe


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205 x 290mm,
16 pages Hardcover
Full colour

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Sometimes my cat appears to stare, At something more than just thin air. It’s recently become clear to me, She’s watching something I can’t see.

What on earth is causing the cat to zoom, skitter and kung-fu kick the air?

Could it be a ghost?

A delightful tale that celebrates our feline friends in all their quirks, and why they deserve a warm spot on the bed after a busy day spent keeping all the ghosts away.

Emily Joe

By day, Emily Joe is an art director. But at night, she becomes a children’s book writer. When she was five, she decided her favourite animal was a leopard. And it still is, to this day. Just don’t tell her two cats, who were the inspiration for this book.
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Agence Schweiger