Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You



Haley Chamberlain Nelson

Rob Nelson


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Trade Paperback
212 Pages

Living With Mother Nature and Other Things Learned in the Wild

Prepare for all the worst case scenarios mother earth throws at you with Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You—the only survival kit you need to overcome wildlife, natural disasters, and everything else outdoors.

Survive the unexpected. Statistically, you’re more likely to die from a vending machine than a shark. But, Rob Nelson knows many shark survivors. His college girlfriend was attacked by a crocodile and his roommate, a grizzly bear. His wife was sucked by a wave down a blowhole, he was left stranded at sea after a storm sank his sailboat, and the list goes on and on. To Rob, these “improbable” altercations are “random acts of nature,” and he’s learned how to survive them.

On knots, poisonous plants, and natural disasters. Featuring 52 challenges you can encounter in the wilderness, this survival guide is your year-long crash course for ultimate disaster management. Whether you’re preparing for a moose attack or a nuclear fallout, Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill Youenables you to confront the natural world with skill and confidence. This wilderness survival guidebook also includes:

Pop culture examples like Jaws and The Revenant Nature and science-packed stories and narratives Diagrams, survival tips, and more!

If you enjoyed books like Bushcraft 101, The Worst Case Scenario, or SAS Survival Handbook, then Mother Nature is Not Trying to Kill You is your next read!

Haley Chamberlain Nelson

Haley Chamberlain Nelson is a science host on television and online. She has been a writer, producer and host with StoneAgeMan and Untamed Science for over 10 years, making science content viewed by over half the classrooms in the US and over 100,000 views per month online. She is driven by the intersection of science and the arts, finding ways to creatively explore and share the natural world. Her happy place is doing this work and play as a family with her two sons and husband. She also really loves sneakers. Her most recent credits include Smithsonian Channel's hit series Bug Bites, 4 years hosting JASON Live! Events, and 6 Seasons of Science Channel's What On Earth? She co-wrote the award-winning documentary Decoding the Driftless, currently gaining acclaim on the festival circuit and winning "Best Picture" in the Los Angeles International Film Festival.

Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson is a biologist, host, and online content creator. He's hosted documentaries like Secrets of the Underground, Life After Chernobyl, and Man Eating Python and received an Emmy Award for his work on the documentary film Mysteries of the Driftles. Rob runs the non-profit Untamed Science and currently lives in North Carolina.
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