Manual for Beekeeping – the Warré technique



Garden & Nature

Yves Robert

Terre Vivante

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21 x 21 cm
120 pages

This book provides reliable and complete information for setting-up a beehive using the Warré technique. It details the essential phase of bee observation, a primordial key to success in beekeeping. The Warré hive is adapted above all to a naturalistic approach to beekeeping where production is not the main objective. The Warré hive technique focuses on understanding how bees and the colony function. It relies on the intelligence of the hive rather than on human interventionism, often expensive and somewhat out of sync. Warré’s method of hive management does indeed share the philosophy of permaculture.

Yves Robert

Yves Robert has an engineer background and is now a beekeeper and trainer. He raises bees in Warré hives and produces local honey in South Burgundy. He leads practical training courses on beekeeping.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger