Love Begins After 3 Years



Camille Rochet


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Reinventing your Relationship for a Fulfilling and Lasting Life Together

Your spouse is an asset, but you often don’t see him or her like that anymore. And yet, you may not know it, but you chose him/her for the right reasons. But as the years go by, fatigue and hardship have taken their toll on the re- lationship. Is your couple condemned to limit itself to a Fixed Term Contract? Can you still believe in a lasting couple, when around you one couple in two divorces? How can you reinvent your couple and adapt it to modern society? Do you prefer to limit your couple to the good old days of the past, or do you want to look ahead to a lasting and fulfilling relationship? It is urgent that you take an interest in the ecology of the couple before you completely exhaust your resources. This challenge is possible. Are you ready to take it on! Camille Rochet, psychologist and couple therapist, will show you how to reinvent another form of the couple: one that is freer, more autonomous, but also more attentive to the needs of the other so as to develop a personal and conjugal balance over the long term.

Camille Rochet

Camille Rochet is a psychologist, a couples’ therapist and a host of the blog
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Agence Schweiger