Joy Cards


Tarots & Oracles

Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva

Beyond Words

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208 pages
48 cards
5 x 6 3⁄4
Box Kit

Are you ready to bring spontaneity and joy back into your life? Rediscover your inner happiness with Joy Cards. With 48 original paintings crafted into fun activity cards, you will be inspired and motivated to experience more happiness daily. The deck also comes with a fun, fact-filled, science-based guidebook that will help you relieve stress and anxiety so you can find and appreciate the joy gems that surround you daily.

Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva

Michelle Burke is a sought-after leadership and team coach, consultant and speaker. She is Founder of Energy Catalyst Group, devoting her 20-year career to helping organizations becoming thriving energized workplaces. A few clients include Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, Disney, HTC and Snap Inc. Lilamani de Silva and Michelle have created card games and educational products for over 17yrs. Lilamani’s eclectic career has included publicist at London Zoo, Assistant producer of natural history documentaries for Discovery and Animal Planet.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger