I want to set up a bee-hive in my garden!



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Claude Merle

Terre Vivante

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21 x 21cm
120 pages

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Harvest honey and protect bees

Pesticides, pollution, urbanisation… the factors of bee disappearance are many. Yet bees are pollinators essential for biodiversity. This book invites all gardeners to install an island of peace for bees and so contribute to increasing bee populations. This book gives all the keys needed for starting natural beekeeping, getting equipped, caring for and protecting your bees, harvesting and processing products of the hive!

Claude Merle

Claude Merle is a professional horticulturist, passionate beekeeper and trainer in a regional beekeeping union. Rémy Bacher is a journalist and author specialised in ecology.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger