I manage better my stress with yoga


Children's Books

Julie Portanguen

Esprit Yoga

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Infos :

Pages : 48
15 x 18,2cm
Stitched stapled

The school visit to the new aquarium is a unique occasion of discovery and fun: the colourful medusae, the baby turtles, the great white sharks… But Lilo is too stressed to appreciate the visit. He can only think of all the possible problems: forgetting his backpack, missing the bus, the diving man swimming among sharks. Suddenly, everything seems to be a big whole problem and Lilo lives a moment of intense stress.

Ghani sees Lilo’s trouble and suggests him to practice a series of yoga poses in order to calm his stress. And it works. After the yoga, Lilo is much calmer and can enjoy his visit to the aquarium and even prepare his school assignment on the protection of sea wildlife.

If you too cannot enjoy your activities because of the stress, try these yoga poses and you will see that just by better breathing you can find calm and relax.

Julie Portanguen

Lives in Paris. Danse and yoga teacher, Specialised in children Yoga.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger