I learn to share with yoga


Children's Books

Julie Portanguen

Esprit Yoga

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Infos :

Pages: 44
14 x 17 cm
Stitched stapled

Lilo and his friends have a great idea : building a cabin on a tree! It will be their hideout and they will spend time there together. They decide also to create a treasure that will stay forever in the cabin. Each of them will bring an object very special to her or him and share it with the others. But Lilo is not comfortable with this idea, he doesn’t like sharing things. He doesn’t know what to being to the cabin. His friend Ghani has a solution, he suggests to Lilo to practice a yoga sequence with a friend, in order to feel the pleasure of sharing. And it works! After the yoga, Lilo is more open to the idea of sharing his dearest things with friends.

Julie Portanguen

Lives in Paris. Danse and yoga teacher, Specialised in children Yoga.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger