I do not get angry with yoga


Children's Books

Julie Portanguen

Esprit Yoga

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Infos :

Pages: 52
15 x 18cm
Stitched stapled

The birthday party is a real hit: lots of fun, games in the garden, a workshop of puppets and a big cake in sight. Too bad that Hugo keeps provoking Lilo: unpleasant remarks, trips, he eventually falls over Lilo and crushes his yummy piece of cake!

This is too much! Lilo is mad at Hugo and pushes him back, and Hugo brings with him in his fall the table cloth, the drinks and the cake! It’s a total mess and Inya’s party could be spoiled. Lilo is ashamed and regretful.

Ghani sees the disaster coming and suggests practicing a series of yoga poses designed to master Lilo’s anger. It works! Lilo retrieves his calm and good mood, and also a new slice of the delicious cake. The party carries on and the puppet show will soon begin.

When you feel the anger growing, when you think that it could make you do unpleasant things, practice this yoga series and you will see that you can keep at bay your emotions.

Julie Portanguen

Lives in Paris. Danse and yoga teacher, Specialised in children Yoga.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger