I am opening yo diversity with yoga


Children's Books

Julie Portanguen

Esprit Yoga

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Pages: 44
Stitched stapled

The summer! Time of vacations and new encounters. At the beach Lilo and his group meet some new friends, but these fellows don’t seem to appreciate Lilo. His demeanour, his extremely white complexion, his orange suit he keeps on all the time make him different and they do not like it. They ignore him and Lilo is hurt by such an attitude. Ghani sees that Lilo is troubled and suggests practising a series of yoga poses specially designed to open to diversity and showing them to the new friends. And it works! After practising yoga on the beach, a new bond is created and old and new friends run joyfully in the water to have fun together.

Julie Portanguen

Lives in Paris. Danse and yoga teacher, Specialised in children Yoga.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger