Hyper Empathy



Anne Landry

Guy Trédaniel

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277 pages
152 x 222 mm


How to reveal and develop this extraordinary gift

Hyper Empathy is for people who alternate between up and down and experience many mood swings, without understanding the origin.

Hyper Empathy is a branch of hypersensitivity. It is an empathetic and emotional hypersensitivity. It is an overdeveloped ability to consciously and/or unconsciously put oneself in the place of the other.

Too often, hyper empaths are wrongly perceived as unstable, sensitive, angry, hysterical, excessive and fragile. These descriptions lead to guilt, fear of doing the wrong thing, low self-esteem and a desire to control everything.

They are in fact emotional telepaths. They are like blotters, picking up the emotions and intentions of others without knowing how to distinguish between what is theirs and what is not.

How can we learn to control this amazing ability? How to make it a strength and an asset in all areas and at every stage (child, adolescent, adult) of one’s life, and even better, how to create unexpected opportunities?

In this book, through numerous testimonies and practical exercises, the reader will discover the multiple faces of Hyper Empathy and learn to develop its capacities.

Synchronicities, communication with the animal world, intuitions and perceptions… the hyper empathic person has in his possession an extraordinary tool!

Key selling points:

– This book is the fruit of the author’s experience, with extracts from sessions where each reader (men and women) will be able to find themselves.

– This is a practical, accessible book for everyone: from children to adults, including hyperempathetic adolescents and parents of children who show signs of hyper empathy.

Anne Landry

Anne Landry is a holistic psychoanalyst. It was through her studies and a twelve-year psychoanalysis that she understood the reasons why she has always felt different: she is a hypersensitive and empathic person. Through the consultations she gives, she highlights the close link between her patients' disorders and their previously ignored hyper empathy. She receives patients in her office and leads workshops that aim to help hyperempathetic people develop their abilities and accept their uniqueness.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger