How to create your own women’s circle and discover the power of sisterhood


New Age / Esoterics


Roxane Marie Galliez

Guy Trédaniel

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264 pages
155 x 220 mm

A women’s circle is a discussion group for women only, in an intimate and confidential setting.

For the first time, a concrete, practical and comprehensive book will help you discover women’s circles and get started. A book for all women, those who already know the circles and wish to enrich their practice, as well as those who are new to them.

This book cannot be exhaustive, simply because there are as many different circles as there are different women. But you will find here tracks, tools, reflections and even step by step to dare to go ahead and create your first circle rich in your experience, your unique personality and your desires.

“May this book accompany you on your life’s journey and allow you to get closer to your sisters to sing with them, to support each other and to dance with happiness and joy, the chance to experience life, to be a woman, neither better nor worse than a man, a woman: the man’s complement, his counterpart, his mirror and vice versa.

For those who are new to women’s circles and would like to have some notions before joining a group or creating one.

For those who already practice and would like to know another point of view, or even improve their practice.

Key selling points:

* A unique book on the market to create a women’s circle from A to Z.

* 2 guided meditations to open and close the circle (written + mp3 downloadable from the author’s website).

* 3 step-by-step workshops to get you started: Facilitating a women’s circle with your family (2 hours)/ Facilitating a women’s circle with friends – and friends of friends – (3 hours)/ Facilitating a women’s circle with strangers (1 day).

* Practical sheets: registration form, evaluation…

* A toolbox of different exercises to propose: over 100 ideas!

* Reminders of key notions: NLP, NVC…

* 1,600 copies sold since May 2021

Roxane Marie Galliez

Roxane Marie Galliez has a PhD in the history of ancient civilisations and is the author of some fifty titles (children's books, novels and practical guides). Her works have been translated into 15 languages and adapted for the theatre. Trained in personal development, art therapy and brief therapies, she has created several women's circles.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger